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catch-exception library has new home

Rod Woo, the former author of catch-exception library decided to not maintenance his project. This is related to Java 8’s lambda expressions, which highly simplified exception handling.

+++ 2014-05-02: Java 8’s lambda expressions will make catch-exception redundant. Therefore, this project won’t be maintained any longer +++

Because many projects and companies are still using Java 7, we wanted to keep this project up to date, and fix some problems, like compatibility with AssertJ 1.7.0 and Mockito 1.10.0. We only wanted to maintain catch-exception and fix existing problems. Supported version was reborn at new home! We hope that the project will be as good as the original version.

Remember that for new projects based on Java 8, you can use lambda expression instead of this library. There is a good article about testing exception with Java8: jUnit: Testing exception with java 8 and lambda expressions by Rafał Bobrowiec